How to paint a door

– Determine the paint colour for your door and remember to consider colour colours you’ve selected for walls, trims and ceilings when making your choice.
– To get the best possible results we recommend taking the door off the hinges, and laying it flat on a raised surface or leaning it against a protected wall.
– If laying the door flat, use drop cloths on floors where appropriate, or tape plastic drop cloths to walls if painting the door against a wall.
– If you are unable to remove the door, wedge the door in place to ensure it doesn’t move while painting.
– Sand down the door. if necessary, remember to lightly sand door edges.
– If the door is new or was previously painted with an oil-baed enamel, you’ll need to apply a coat of primer sealer undercoat first, otherwise the topcoat won’t stick.
– Apply painters masking tape to hinges and door handles.
– Stir your paint thoroughly before pouring it into a paint tray.
– Paint the edges around hinges and door handles fist with a brush.
– Paint the door using a roller with either a W or M technique, starting a roller’s width out from the edge, and rolling from mid-height towards the top of the door and then down.
– When applying water based enamels, coat the door and spread paint swiftly, without over brushing to avoid visible brush marks.
Wait for the paint to dry before applying a second coat.
– Once the second topcoat is completely dry, re-hinge the door to the frame and enjoy the difference a newly painted door can make to your space!
> Time: Approx 10-15 mins per coat to apply
+ Water based paints approx 2 hrs to dry
+ Alkyd based enamel paint approx 4 hrs to dry
+ Oil based enamel pains approx 16 hrs to dry

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